Ask-Doug Seminars, Inc
Accounts Receivable Collections
About the full-day seminar

This seminar is designed for people who have had little or no training in accounts receivable collections and for those who need a "refresher course." It is also designed for those who are responsible for collecting accounts, but that is only a small part of their job.

The seminar gives practical information and answers a lot of "what do I do" questions and situations. Enrollment is limited to 45 people at each location to allow seminar participants to have time to ask questions and share experiences.

Participants will gain about one-third of their new knowledge from the presenter, one-third from their handout materials, and one-third from each other through facilitated discussions. In deference to the shy students, no one is asked to speak unless they volunteer.

This is the seminar Doug wishes was available when he started collecting accounts.


Fee and registration deadline

$249 per person for 1 attendee.
$229 per person for 2-3 attendees.
$199 per person for 4 or more attendees.

Confirmation notices are sent to all registered participants.

The seminar price includes morning coffee and muffins or bagels, a catered lunch (see below), generous handout materials, free parking, a certificate of completion and a free email consultation after the seminar.


Late registrations and registrations at the door

Some Ask-Doug Seminars fill to capacity about two weeks before the seminar date. Registrations will be accepted at the door if there is room. You should click here to confirm space availability.


Handout Materials

Each attendee receives a 3 ring notebook of handout materials containing over 100 pages of sample forms, letters, examples, resources, and information. In addition, the electronic toolbox (a collection of over 50 sample letters plus sample forms) is available for purchase at the seminar at a discounted price.



A catered lunch is included in the seminar fee. This is typically a sandwich and salad deli buffet, but depends on the hotel's options. An hour break is scheduled for lunch, but many groups prefer to have a working lunch and finish the seminar earlier. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know at least a week before the seminar, so we can pass your request on to the hotel.


Limited enrollment

Enrollment is limited to 45 people at each location in order to allow for all attendees to participate and ask questions. Since most seminars fill to capacity, you are encouraged to register at least 2 weeks before the seminar date.



Phone: 1-888-2-ASK-DOUG (1-888-227-5368) or email us at