Ask-Doug Consulting


Sometimes a business has questions or situations that cannot be handled at a seminar. To meet these business needs, several consulting arrangements are available. Rates subject to change.

On-site consulting: I will visit your place of business (or other location) and work with you on a "Taylor-made" collection strategy. Depending on your needs, we can review your credit agreements, collection policies and procedures, letters, payment plans, collection software and installation, etc. Cost: $100 an hour consulting fee; travel time at ½ the consulting fee rate, travel expenses as necessary. Minimum 2 hours.

"You-travel" consulting: Same as on-site consulting, except you're not needing to pay for my travel time or expenses. We will meet at a location in Walla Walla/College Place, or some other location, if I'm already going to be there. Cost: $100 an hour consulting fee. Minimum 2 hours.

Consult by mail: This is useful for having letters and forms created or reviewed. Cost: $60 an hour consulting fee. Minimum ½ hour.

E-mail consulting: You email me your question or situation. Typical response time is 1-2 business days. This is useful for simple questions. Complex questions or answers require a phone consult. Cost: $10

Phone consulting: You call me with your question or situation, and we can talk through your options and possible solutions. For fastest response, leave a message if I'm not in the office when you call. Cost: $10 for a simple question (up to 5 minutes), $25 for a more lengthy consult (5-15 minute consult; $15 for each additional 15 minute block of time).

Bonus: Occasionally someone will forget to ask a question or bring up a problem at the seminar. If this happens to you, you may have one FREE phone consultation (15 minutes), if you call within 30 days of the date of the seminar.