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Club-Doug is a subscription-membership program that gives you access to our webinars for one low fee.

With our Full Membership, you are automatically registered for all our webinars. Each month we have at least 2 webinars. You receive 30 days unlimited access to the webinar recordings.

With our Power Boost Membership, you are automatically registered for one Power Boost webinar each month. Our Power Boost webinars are about 30 minutes. You receive 30 days unlimited access to the webinar recordings.

Do you like the option of extended access to our webinars? We know many offices like having a full year's access to the recordings. Our Enhanced Membership gives you a full 12 month's access to the recordings.

Do you have several locations, and you'd like each location to have access to the live webinars? For just $9.95 per month, you can add additional office memberships.

Already registered for webinars in 2016? Enter "UPGRADE" in the promotion code field on the registration page, and we'll count the payment from 1 webinar registration toward your first Club-Doug payments.

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Renewal Period

Regular membership dues

Enhanced membership dues (12 months of access to webinar recordings)

Average price per month for regular membership dues

Annual savings, when regular membership is compared to regular webinar fees

Full Membership Monthly




$ 780.60

Full Membership Quarterly




$ 820.20

Full Membership Semi-Annual




$ 880.10

Full Membership Annual




$ 940.05

Power Boost Membership Monthly




$ 348.60

Power Boost Membership Quarterly




$ 388.20

Power Boost Membership Semi-Annual




$ 408.10

Power Boost Membership Annual




$ 488.05

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Phone: 1-888-2-ASK-DOUG (1-888-227-5368) or email us at


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